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Five reasons your body should "Bee Loved"

We’re regularly out and about at trade shows, festivals and other public events and we’re often asked, and rightly so, the reasons why someone should give Bee Loved Skincare a go.
If you haven’t yet tried a Bee Loved Skincare product you also might be wondering what all the fuss is about. With so many natural skincare products on the market, what does Bee Loved Skincare actually do that is so special?
Well, here are our top five reasons we think you’ll love Bee Loved, and be hooked once you try it.
1. Bee Loved Skincare is made from all natural ingredients.
Bee Loved prides itself on using only natural ingredients to make its range of skincare products. That’s why they are so effective on dry and sensitive skin – because there are no chemicals to cause irritation or reactions. Sometimes skincare products that claim to be natural may still use chemical fragrances and preservatives so always be sure to check the ingredients on the back of the label before you buy.
2. Bee Loved Skincare “does what it says on the tin”.
In the words of an age-old and much loved marketing slogan, Bee Loved really does do what it says it does. Thanks to Bee Loved’s gentle, healing ingredients it eliminates itchiness, soothes and heals cracks, softens and moisturises and creates a barrier from the elements that still allows your skin to breathe and maintain its own moisture balance.
3. Bee Loved Skincare uses recyclable packaging.
When you sued Bee Loved Skincare you’re not only caring for your body but you’re also looking after the environment. Enjoy Bee Loved’s packaging now and when you’re done, you can send it for recycling, confident in the knowledge your children’s grandchildren won’t be paying the environmental price for your beauty regime.
4. 100% Irish owned and made.
Bee Loved Skincare is proud to be Irish and is 100% manufactured on the beautiful west coast of Ireland. Not only can you enjoy the very best of Ireland’s natural produce you’ll be supporting Irish jobs and the local west coast economy.
5. Bee Loved Skincare supports the immune system.
Many skincare products are created using inorganic material and petroleum derivatives and while they may appear on the surface to solve one problem, they are often creating another. This is the body’s way of rejecting toxic material and showing you that the product isn’t good for you. Bee Loved’s range uses whole, natural ingredients in balance just as nature intended, supporting your immune system rather than putting pressure on it to fight and eliminate toxins that can undermine your general health.
If our top five reasons to try Bee Loved are not enough, why not take the word of our valued customers at our Facebook page? Click here to read more straight from our customers themselves.
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