Skin Care

The use of bee products can be dated to some of the earliest periods in human history. The ancient Greeks used beeswax in sculpture, the ancient Egyptians used it to seal perfumes while beeswax was even used in Neolithic dental fillings.

Today, the incredible health benefits found in bee products are extensively documented thanks to scientific research. From the beneficial effects bee products have on painful skin conditions right through to inflammatory immune diseases, more and more people are turning to bee products to treat illness and disorders.

Our range of bee skin care products for women, men and baby blends beeswax straight from the hive with specially prepared herbal creams and lotions to protect, heal and soften your skin.

To care for our bees and respect the hives’ delicate environmental balance, we take only a little wax from each hive at a time. That way, we make sure our bees are happy and healthy, and continue to produce the pristine, natural wax that gives us the range of skin care benefits we enjoy.

So how exactly does bee skin care make a difference to your skin?

Beeswax protects your skin.

The beeswax in Bee Loved’s natural creams and lotions creates a barrier for your skin, protecting it from external irritants while allowing it to breathe.

Bee Loved’s lip balm, with a rich beeswax base forming a protective yet nourishing layer for your lips, is particularly effective in cold weather to prevent chapped lips.

Beeswax helps to heal your skin.

Irritated, sore and scaly skin knows no better natural healing agent than beeswax. With well- documented anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral properties, beeswax gently helps to treat even the angriest of skin conditions.

Research has also shown beeswax to inhibit the growth of bacteria, making it a beneficial treatment for baby’s nappy rash and other related skin conditions.

Beeswax softens your skin.

Itchy, dry and rough skin is transformed by the nourishing properties of beeswax.

With Vitamin A to soften and rehydrate, beeswax also acts as an emollient and humectant, sealing moisture in the skin.


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