Paraben Free free from artificial fragrances, petrochemicals,
sodium laureth sulfate and phthalates

Paraben Free

Bee Loved’s range of paraben-free natural skin care guarantees its products are free from artificial fragrances, petrochemicals, sodium laureth sulfate and phthalates.

These chemical nasties are gaining an increasingly bad reputation, with widespread claims they may be linked to conditions from allergies and hormone disruption to breast cancer.

With our bodies constantly assaulted with so many environmental toxins, Bee Loved’s range of natural skin care products provide skin with a welcome relief from harsh chemical based products that are better suited to cleaning your car than your face.

Not only are our natural skin care products gentle and kind to skin, they contain the healing properties of beeswax and herbal ingredients that are an ideal healing aid for eczema, psoriasis, and itchy, dry skin.

What do these chemical agents do?

why aren’t they included!


Commonly used as preservatives in mass-produced cosmetics, parabens have been at the receiving end of some pretty bad press lately. Some reports link them to breast cancer and others say that they can increase the damaging effects of UV radiation. We say: if Mother Nature herself wouldn’t use it then why should we?


These little critters can find many ways into your cosmetics. They are very effective at making plastic more flexible and are used in a variety of product packaging. They cling to the skin and nails and are used as stabilisers to give hair gel and nail polish more staying power. Research has found them guilty of disrupting human hormones and linked them with reproductive problems. Guided by our production mantra ‘if there’s doubt – leave it out’ we have taken great care with our packaging choices to make sure they protect the natural purity of our products.


Taking our lead from our scent-searching, friendly bees, we make sure our fragrances come from natural, essential plant oils so you can be sure they haven’t been stabilised by chemicals. Our products smell as luxurious as nature intended because all our products carry our promise of no harmful chemicals.


Even the sound of these guys make our bees shake. Mother Nature’s delicate ecological balance is constantly being assaulted; bees are dying in their thousands and allergies among humans are on the rise. We want to help restore your skin’s natural balance and we believe the only way to do this is to avoid all harmful chemicals. We choose only the best natural ingredients to stabilise, degrease and preserve our products. If Mother Nature doesn’t love it, then we simply don’t use it.

Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS)

This is a really powerful substance if you want to degrease something grimy, like your car! We don’t like the thought of using ingredients normally used in a car wash on your face.

Your skin is exposed to enough environmental pressure without using heavy chemicals in your moisturiser. Instead we use natural plant essences and beeswax to nourish and replenish your skin’s natural oils leaving you feeling loved and looking lovely.