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For the love of bees

Martyred in the third century AD, St Valentine is recognised worldwide for his association with love, lovers and happy marriages, yet is little known for his role as a Patron Saint of Beekeepers.

It is unclear how St Valentine was charged with the venerable duty of protecting beekeepers and ensuring the sweetness of honey, however there is a school of thought that with the commencement of Spring in February – flowers in bloom, nature flourishing and the “birds and the bees” – there was a natural relationship with the Saint best known for love.

Honey is well known as an aphrodisiac with past civilisations attributing the sweet nectar in mead to fertile honeymoons, while bees themselves have been long associated with goddesses of love (Aphrodite, Venus and Gwen).

Other saints associated with bee keeping are Saint Gobnait (or Saint Abigail), whose feast day is 11 February. Widely known for her healing honey potions, she is also associated in legend for thwarting thieves by hurling bee hives at them.

Whatever the legend, Valentine’s Day reminds us to stop and appreciate those who bring the love we enjoy into our lives.

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