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The problem with problem skin

At some stage we’ve all encountered problem skin, whether it be dry, irritated and rough, or even cracked, itchy and bleeding.
While there may be a range of causes for your problem skin symptoms that need investigation, finding a topical treatment that protects and nourishes your skin is relatively straightforward.
What most people don’t realise is that the majority of today’s skincare products that are touted to moisturise and relieve problem skin symptoms are actually based on mineral oils such as paraffin that block the skin’s ability to breathe, sap its natural moisture, clog pores and prohibit the skin’s own production of fat.
Mineral oils such as paraffin oil are derived from petroleum which is subject to extensive chemical and physical processing before distillation and production as plastics, solvents, emulsifiers, textiles and more.
In fact paraffin is used as sewing machine oil, lubricant, for lighting and as a floor wax in addition to being a key ingredient in mainstream skin care products throughout the world.
Removing mineral oils from the skin is no easy task as their plastic particles clog the skin’s pores, just like mineral based paint takes several scrubs to remove from your hands after use.
It’s therefore not difficult to understand that while mineral oils might appear to soften the skin in the short-term, their long term effects exacerbate problem skin that becomes dependent on the oils for replenishment.
If you suffer from problem skin, it’s important to choose natural skincare products that are rich in vegetable fats and oils that are easily absorbed by the skin, and contain vitamins and fatty acids that stimulate the skin’s own healthy functioning.
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