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The dry skin solution for yummy mummies

The dry skin solution for yummy mummies; understanding how to protect and nourish your skin all year round.
Dry, cracked and irritated skin can be the bane of a yummy mummy’s existence.
Despite the tantalising rays of the bright spring sunshine, that fresh Irish breeze still nips playfully at the bare fingers and cheeks of mums right around the country as they brave the elements to ready little ones for school.
Even a relaxing walk or gently tilling the garden in the bright springtime sunshine can create havoc for the skin if it’s not adequately protected from the elements.
Whether it’s rough, chaffed hands, taught skin on the face or an all-over itchy sensation, dry, irritated skin is a common complaint for women living in Ireland and not just in the wintertime.
In warmer climates, skin perspires regularly, cleansing the skin and eliminating toxins from the body.
Perspiration also supports kidney function, expelling toxins through the skin and relieving pressure on the kidneys.
When the skin doesn’t perspire, it doesn’t benefit from the cleansing and moisturising action, nor do the kidneys benefit from the support of toxin elimination.
Perspiration is just one of the skin’s many important jobs and few people give their skin the credit it deserves.
As the body’s largest and arguably most important organ, the skin plays a major role in our health and well-being.
It protects us from chemicals and micro-organisms, regulates our body temperature, assists in the synthesis of Vitamin D which is critical for bone health, uses specialised nerve endings to enhance our sensory abilities, reduces the penetration of ultraviolet rays and through fats that lie under the skin, acts as an insulator and caloric reserve.
Making sure it’s protected from the elements and nourished with a natural, healing skin care regime will support the skin to do its many jobs.
So how do skincare products actually work on the skin?
Skincare products are generally made up of a range of substances including fats and oils that stay on the surface of the skin for varying lengths of time for different types of protection and nourishment. They soothe skin irritations, protect the skin and also insulate the body and create warmth.
Skin that suffers from a tired appearance, poor circulation and is cold and malnourished draws heat, colour, vitality and healing properties from essential fatty acids and oils.
When applied to the skin, they form a thin layer that helps to protect the skin from the cold, water, wind, rain, chemicals and other irritants that dry out the skin while helping to prevent what’s known as trans epidermal water loss – a process where water passes passively through the skin and is indicated in skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis (unlike perspiration which responds to an increase in core body temperature from exercising or warm climates and helps to cleanse, moisturise and eliminate toxins from the body).
Certain types of fats such as the pure beeswax used in Bee Loved gentle Hand Cream are absorbed slowly and provide greater protection against the wind, rain and cold. They penetrate deep below the top layer of the skin and help prevent the skin from drying out.
Fatty acids work in the same way that vitamins would work on the skin. Research suggests that skin problems such as eczema, sagging skin and sensitive skin with poor circulation (particularly experienced by people who sit in front of a computer for long periods) may be caused by fatty acid deficiencies.
Fatty acids such as the Omega 3 used in Bee Loved’s  daily Face Cream and Body Lotion are effective emollients used to soften the skin. They rest of the skin’s surface and work hard to prevent trans epidermal water loss while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles caused by dry and dehydrated skin.
Natural skincare that supports yummy mummies
Our skin is incredibly permeable and while it’s important to know how to protect it from the elements, it’s equally as important to understand what you’re putting on your skin and absorbing in your body.
Did you know that certain types of oils and fatty acids, such as Omega 3, can be absorbed through the skin and used to meet our daily requirements in the same way as eating Omega 3 rich foods such as salmon, spinach or avocado?
If that’s the case, it’s important to understand what your body is absorbing as a result of your daily skincare regime.
Protecting and nourishing your skin shouldn’t mean having to barrage your body with a host of other irritants, which is why Bee Loved’s skincare range is completely free from chemical nasties that as we like to say, are more suited to cleaning your car than your body and your face!
So what’s the ideal Mother’s Day gift for a yummy mummy that needs to protect her skin from the Irish elements and nourish it with gentle, pure ingredients?
Want to send mum a gift this Mother’s Day? Buy online and we’ll gift wrap and post your special skincare gift for you!
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