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What’s in it: Dehydroacetic Acid

Unless you’re an entomologist, no one likes creepy crawlies, especially in their skincare!
Yet even the tiniest microorganisms can call your favourite moisturiser home-sweet-home if it doesn’t contain the right ingredients to inhibit their growth.
While the name may sound a little foreboding, Dehydroacetic Acid is a non-toxic ingredient we use to keep our little pots of precious creams from spoiling.
It is used widely in cosmetics and food as a fungicide and bactericide whose primary function is to prevent the growth of microorganisms. You can find Dehydroacetic Acid in facial moisturisers, lip gloss, mascara, cleansers and exfoliants to name a few. It’s also used in food, commonly used to stop pickle bloating in squash and strawberries, and can be found on the ingredients label with the E number 265.
In lab tests, Dehydroacetic Acid was found to be safe for general use with no evidence of toxicity or irritation. As a result, we can use this ingredient safely in our skincare products and be sure that they are gentle on skin and bug free!
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