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Caring for skin in the winter

There’s nothing quite like relaxing in front of a warm fire in the depths of winter.

Yet when we venture outside, the  cold weather can impact our skin and cause it to become  dry, flaky and itchy .

You might be surprised to learn though, that it’s not just the freezing temperatures that chill our skin. Indoor heating also has a very drying effect that can exacerbate sensitive skin and skin conditions.

There is simply just less moisture in the air during winter time, with cold winds blowing any residual moisture away and central heating creating dry indoor environments. The result is loss of water (moisture) from your skin cells, leaving it feeling dry, chapped, red, itchy and sore.

Compounding the problem is the way dry skin is treated in winter time. While you might be tempted to slather a sweet-smelling lotion over your rough patches, your choice of moisturiser may be doing you more harm than good.

In the first instance, very cold weather calls for skincare with robust protective qualities that combat freezing temperatures, wind and rain while locking in moisture.

Importantly, barrier creams should also support the skin to breathe naturally else they risk drying the skin out even further.

While petroleum based products are often the go-to skincare choice during cold weather, you might be surprised that despite their thick consistency, they actually dry out the skin, drawing moisture away from the skin cells. They also don’t allow the skin breathe and retain its own moisture, so in the long-term, can do more damage than good.

Opt instead for a cream or lotion that uses a natural barrier such as beeswax. Our own skincare range is founded on the benefits of beeswax that offer a trifecta of skincare benefits that nourish, protect and heal. Products such as our Face Cream, Body Lotion and Lip Balm are ideal for everyday use, offering protection from the elements, a breathable natural barrier and a rich array of antioxidants and fatty acids to help heal and revitalise dry skin.

Learn more about our range of nourishing and protective skincare products designed for dry and problem skin.

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