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What’s in it? Cetearyl alcohol

Alcohol is a common ingredient found in skincare products, yet not all alcohols are the same.

Some alcohols, derived from petroleum and used in skincare as a solvent, preservative, drying agent and more, should be avoided for the damaging effect they can have on your skin.

Ethanol, Ethyl alcohol, Methanol, Benzyl alcohol and Isopropyl alcohol are part of this “watch” list.

“Fatty” alcohols, however, are quite different and are derived from natural fats and oils, often from coconut and palm oil.

They don’t dry or damage the skin but rather aid in moisturising the skin thanks to their natural fatty acid content.

Fatty alcohols are used in skincare to blend water and oils, acting as emulsifiers to stop them separating.

It is also used as a thickener to create the desired texture for creams and lotions, and as an emollient, known to soften and moisturise the skin.

Bee Loved uses the fatty alcohol Cetearyl Alcohol in its skincare formulations to help create the naturally soft, soothing and nourishing creams and lotions we’re famous for, without the side effects of the petroleum derived alcohols that can dry and damage the skin.

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