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The impact of Covid-19 on your skin

A year and a half into the pandemic and we are still discovering the impact Covid-19 can have on the body.

While coughing, high temperature and fatigue are common symptoms of the virus, it appears more and more people are reporting skin conditions, and also as a symptom of long Covid.

Scientists are still undertaking research to find out how the virus works, but at the moment it seems likely that some symptoms of Covid-19 are caused by the body’s immune response rather than the virus itself.

Some scientific research indicates that the damage to blood vessels that causes the chilblain symptoms could be caused by the immune system’s over activation.

Some of the most common skin conditions that have appeared with Covid-19 are listed below:

  1. Maculopapular eruptions: tiny red bumps on the skin with flat red patches have been reported with more serious cases of Covid 19.
  2. Conjunctivitis: this tends to be reported in the latter stages of Covid-19 and in more serious cases also.
  3. Chilblains: You might have heard this referred to as Covid toes, even though it can affect the hands and feet. The skin on the fingers and toes can turn a reddish purple which can also be itchy and painful. Chilblains have commonly been reported in children with Covid-19.
  4. Hives: blotchy, itchy raised bumps that can be small or large and come and go at the same time as other symptoms in Covid-19.
  5. Hair loss: this has been reported by some Covid 19 sufferers including the actress Alyssa Milano as a result of the body’s reaction in times of stress. Thankfully, hair does recover over time.

If new skin symptoms are worrying you, please check with your healthcare practitioner for advice. They may recommend you have a Covid test, and you may have to self-isolate in the event you are infectious.

In the meantime, avoid using harsh skincare products on your skin, especially ones with chemicals and parabens that could aggravate your skin condition, and petroleum-based products that can trap bacteria and restrict the skin’s ability to breathe naturally.

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