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Handwashing Advice during COVID-19

Proper handwashing has never been as important as it is now with the spread of COVID-19 across the world.

If you are handwashing for a full 20 seconds (or two rounds of Happy Birthday To You) as regularly as you should, and are using normal household soap either in liquid or bar form, you are most likely to have dry hands. If not, you probably aren’t washing enough to rid your hands of the coronavirus!

How do soaps work to tackle COVID-19?

In short, the external “shell” of the virus is composed of a fatty layer that is dissolved when it comes into contact with soapy, froth handwashing action. Unprotected and vulnerable the virus then falls apart and is destroyed.

Why do most soaps cause dry, itchy and cracked hands?

Most soaps contain harsh chemicals that are also used for everything from degreasing trucks to antifreeze.

Those harsh chemicals are not designed for dealing with material as sensitive as human skin, and as a result, can cause dry, itchy and cracked hands after handwashing.

The thing is you don’t need chemicals in soap to break down the lipid layer of COVID-19 to destroy the virus, so when buying soap, take the time to check the label on your soap and ensure that it does not contain fragrance (or otherwise known as parfum), polyethylene glycol (PEG), triclosan or sodium laurel sulphate.

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