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Skincare for the body & soul: our ultimate skincare Christmas gift guide is here

Whether you’re shopping for someone who is super health conscious, a family member or friend with a new baby or for the person who has absolutely everything, Bee Loved has something beautiful for every person and skin type this Christmas.
Our quick Christmas gift ideas list is designed to make it easy for you to create your very own special free-from skincare hamper, and for purchases of more than €50 made through our online store before Friday 20 December, you’ll enjoy 10% off and free shipping! Now everyone can enjoy the benefits of the season of giving!
Gifts for mum: Mum deserves to be taken care of and what better way than with a skincare product that nourishes both her skin and her body? Mum will love the rich, nourishing effects of Bee Loved’s Face Cream, an ideal day cream which fights the signs of ageing and the damage caused by free radicals using a powerful combination of antioxidant rich, active ingredients that are gentle enough for sensitive skin and dry skin conditions. At night Mum will relish our Face ActivOil, a leave-on, intensive overnight treatment, that is kind to sensitive skin yet powerful enough to restore hydration, softness and elasticity to dry and problem skin. Make your own hamper here.
Gifts for new mum: What better gift idea for a new mum than one that takes care of her and baby? Mummy will love Bee Loved’s Baby Lotion for her little one, the gentlest lotion in our range and completely free of chemicals and toxins. It is moisturising and nourishing while also using the powerful effects of beeswax to ward off nappy rash and create a barrier for the skin. With all that nappy changing, new mummy’s hands are bound to be dry; Bee Loved’s Hand Cream will restore cracked, irritated and itchy hands to their once soft and supple selves. And at the end of the day when baby is finally asleep, mummy’s tired, achy muscles will love the relief brought by our St John’s Wort Oil. Make your own hamper here.
Gifts for dad and the boys: Whether it’s to stave off dryness from the chilly effects of winter or soothe inflamed skin, dad and the boys need great skincare too! They’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness with a Bee Loved hamper of products that brings relief to their dry skin woes. Pack Men’s Face Cream to soften and protect the face after shaving, Men’s Body Lotion to soothe rough skin and create a barrier from the elements, and Bee Loved’s Winter Oil to soothe stressed sinews and untangle their knots. Make your own hamper here.
Gifts for teachers: Charged with inspiring our little ones throughout the year, our teachers hold a special place in our heart. Why not surprise your child’s teacher with a customised Bee Loved hamper of Hand Cream to nourish their hard working hands, Lip Balm to prevent dryness and St John’s Wort Oil to soothe their achy muscles after a day on their feet? Make your own hamper here.
Until 20 December only, make your own hamper at our online store and when you spend €50 or more, receive 10% off and free shipping! Visit our online store now.

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