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Why good skincare is a must for men, too.

Dry, itchy and irritated skin isn’t just a problem for the ladies.
The lads among us can have an equally torrid time with dry skin issues and in many cases, make matters worse by suffering in silence.
Why is good skincare such a taboo matter amongst men, many of whom suffer embarrassing adult acne breakouts, dry, cracked skin and visible signs of skin damage and ageing?
Treating skin problems that are uncomfortable and embarrassing isn’t girlie. It is pure common sense.
Men don’t need an elaborate skincare routine. They simply need to follow a few easy steps to treat dry and damaged skin and protect it from the elements.
Here’s what your fella needs to be doing:

  1. He should check the ingredients on his body wash and shampoo bottles.

While it makes no sense to us girls, men like simplicity and it’s not uncommon for them to use the same product for hair, face and body. It’s important your man checks the ingredients on his product to eliminate toxins that cause dry and irritated skin (and worse) and replaces chemical-laden wash products with those that are made with natural ingredients. Check out our article on toxic ingredients here for further information.

  1. Moisturise and protect his skin.

While men often don’t think they need it, a good moisturiser not only helps soothe dry, irritated skin but protects it from further damage from the wind, rain, cold and environmental pollutants. Whether they’re braving the elements at their weekly team sport, cheering on the kids from the sideline or supporting their favourite team from the stands, a man’s skin undergoes quite an assault from his daily washing, shaving and sporting routine.
Bee Loved’s natural range for men uses beeswax to lock in moisture and create a barrier from the elements. That said, it won’t trap oil and dirt because it won’t block pores, reducing those embarrassing acne breakouts and allowing the skin to breathe naturally. Our Men’s Face Cream is ideal for use after shaving and Men’s Body Lotion naturally supportive for the rest of your fella’s body, in particular backs, chests, arms and legs.

  1. Eat, drink and live well.

While we all love a treat, it’s important they remain just that. Foods high in sugar, excessive alcohol consumption and stressful lifestyles with little sleep can all have an effect on our immune systems, causing inflammation that can visibly affect the skin. Tempering excess and leading a balanced lifestyle can help get skin conditions under control.
The vitamins, fatty acids and other nutritional goodness in Bee Loved’s range are absorbed and used in the body just as if you had eaten them in your food, which is not only great for your skin but an amazing bonus for your man’s body and overall health too.
With Father’s Day just around the corner, why not make your own hamper for your special man! Email us to order your own tailored gift pack or buy online at our free-from skincare shop.

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