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Is dry skin the cause of your breakouts?

There are a number of things that contribute to breakouts from hormones to stress but most people would primarily call out oily skin as the cause of their acne.

Believe it or not though, dry skin is among the leading causes of skin breakouts.

Imagine for a moment your skin’s outer layer, the epidermis (“Epi” in Greek meaning “upon” or “over”). The epidermis provides a barrier from pathogens, pollution and environmental damage and also regulates the skin’s natural moisture and oil production.  

There are many reasons why the skin might become dry but key among them are harsh soaps and cleansers.

Not only do they strip the skin of their natural oils but they leave the skin defenceless against evaporation.

When skin loses its moisture and becomes dry, it struggles to do its job with dead skin cells and other debris providing a breeding ground for bacteria, inflammation and acne.

Recognising an issue with the skin barrier and identifying the need to repair it, the immune system then responds with inflammation, which can lead to even more breakouts. At this point, many acne sufferers turn to more harsh cleansers, thinking they are helping to rid the skin of acne causing oils – when in fact this can cause even more damage to already dry skin and leave it prone to further breakouts.

It’s a vicious cycle and can be heightened by:

  • topical treatments for acne that dry and strip skin
  • showers and baths that are too hot
  • cold, wintry weather that buffets and dehydrates skin
  • environmental factors such as pollution that block pores and
  • irritants from household products including laundry cleansers.  

You CAN get your skin back on track with a few simple skincare strategies to treat dry skin as the cause of your breakouts. Think about:

  1. using a natural cleanser free from ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulphate (commonly used to de-grease trucks and cars so not ideal for your face!)

  2. choosing a gentle moisturiser with a protective natural barrier such as beeswax to help the skin breathe naturally and regulate its moisture levels. Bee Loved’s Face Cream also uses ingredients such as aloe, shea butter and cocoa seed butter to soften and nourish the skin, alongside chamomile to reduce redness and inflammation and lavender to deal with bacteria.

  3. giving your skin a thirst-quenching boost with Bee Loved’s Face ActivOil. While it might sound counter-intuitive to add oil to your blemished skin, the right formulation can restore your skin’s natural hydration and banish acne for good. ActivOil’s fusion of key active ingredients including Pomegranate Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Evening Primrose Oil and Sesame Oil are kind to sensitive skin and are absorbed quickly and easily with no greasy residue. When the skin’s natural moisture is restored, it lets your hair and sweat follicles know that additional oils aren’t needed for hydration, enabling it to keep pores unclogged, clean and clear.

Very often you don’t need a science degree or a dermatologist to treat acne breakouts and with a little self-care you can enjoy healthy, blemish-free skin. Read more about Bee Loved’s free-from skincare range at our online store and discover how natural skincare can work on dry, sensitive and problem skin.  

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