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Love to trick or treat? You can thank bees for this Halloween tradition!

Bee Loved owes a lot to the hardworking bees that create the beeswax for its range of skincare products. We weren’t surprised then to learn these industrious little fellows were the inspiration for the trick or treat tradition.
Among the many legends that surround the origins of Halloween is the story of European farmers who would dress up as honey bees and go from door to door collecting sweets to mark the end of the harvest.
Inspired by the hardworking bees and their toil collecting nectar and pollen all season long, the farmers seemingly created the first of the Halloween trick or treat tradition, accepting treats from willing participants and hurling eggs and rotten cabbages at the homes of those who were not.
As the new custom spread, pumpkins were placed on the doorstep of those participating in the trick or treat, symbolising that they too had completed their harvest.
Bees, honey and beeswax have long been associated with folklore.
Thousands of years ago, bees were considered to represent the soul, death and the release of spirits into the next life – if they were close by when a person died.
In Ancient Greece, bees, harvest and honey were associated with the Greek earth goddess Demeter.
Ancient Egyptians buried their dead with honey cakes to stave off hunger in the afterlife.
Beeswax was used to assist in the mummification of the Ancient Egyptians, covering the ears, nose, mouth, and embalming incision.
Burning a beeswax candle is said to attract spirits from beyond the grave, so keep them lit if you’re keen to see a ghost this Halloween.
From all of us at Bee Loved, have a very happy Halloween! And be sure to check out our tips on skincare survival if you’re planning to get into the dress-up spirit.
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