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What makes a beautiful face?

Ancient Egypt’s Cleopatra was said to have immersed herself in a daily bath of donkey milk, rich in alpha hydroxy acids for skin softening and anti-ageing benefits.
Her 16th century royal counterpart Mary Queen of Scots also favoured baths, but of white wine, useful for its antiseptic properties and the improvement of general complexion.  A few hundred years later in the 19th century, Empress Elisabeth of Austria slathered raw veal and crushed strawberries across her visage, held in place at night with a tailor made mask.
While thankfully in the 21st century donkey’s milk, white wine and raw veal are beauty regimes that have long since been abandoned, they do have one advantage in common; as natural, non-synthetic ingredients they were unlikely to dry and irritate the skin like so many modern day skincare products do.
At Bee Loved our focus on natural, pure ingredients gives you all the benefits of natural approach without the mess of raw meat and crushed fruit. In particular our Face Cream has received continued praise for its skin smoothing, skin softening and anti-ageing benefits. Even sensitive skin will relish the comfort of walnut butter packed with omega-3 fatty acids and anti-oxidants and pure beeswax for the ultimate in moisturising properties.
Marych O’Sullivan-Sanford from Kinvara, Co Galway, says “I am now in my early 60s with Menopause having brought both very dry and sensitive skin, including a touch of Rosacea. Bee Loved’s Face Cream is one of the very few that my skin can tolerate AND it leaves no greasy aftermath. All-in-all I can only say that these products are perfectly named in my opinion, which is endorsed by my body, head to toe! AND it’s a joy to be able to both ‘Buy Irish’ and ‘Shop Local’! Thank you!”
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