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How to relieve dry, itchy skin during pregancy

Dry, itchy skin in pregnancy is a common complaint caused by hormonal changes in the body that can affect the skin’s oils and lead to dryness.

Skin can also become dry, flaky and itchy thanks to a rapidly growing belly, heightened skin sensitivity and over-zealous hand washing in an effort to curtail germs and avoid colds and flus.

While it’s natural to be particularly cautious about what you eat in pregnancy given the potentially harmful effects of bacteria found in certain types of food, you may feel equally as concerned about the skincare products you use and how they are absorbed by your body and affect your unborn baby.

The good news is that simply by reading the ingredients list on any skincare product you can make an informed decision about what you will and won’t use during pregnancy.

While very dry skin may have you leaping for the petroleum jelly, remember the drying effect this can have on skin, restricting its ability to breathe and retain moisture.

Natural alternatives such as beeswax not only moisturise the skin but create a protective barrier from the elements while allowing the skin to breathe and regulate its moisture balance.

There are some natural ingredients that are best to avoid during pregnancy due to the limited amount of information available about their affects.  Check out the full list here to see what’s best to avoid during pregnancy.

So what else can you do to support your burgeoning belly and the rest of your body during pregnancy?

  • Avoid steaming – while traditionally a
  • Cool your showers – this can dry skin even further
  • Use bath oils – these will help lubricate your skin, but be careful when leaving the bath or shower as the oils will make the surface slippery
  • Slather on moisturiser with a natural barrier – seal in moisture while protecting your skin from the elements. Bee Loved’s Baby Lotion is the gentlest body lotion in our range and ideal for sensitive skin in pregnancy.
  • Avoid irritants – pregnancy heightens sensitivity and dry or problem skin will be exacerbated by chemical irritants. Remember to read the ingredients before you decide whether you’re happy to use them during pregnancy.

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