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Why beeswax is now one of the skincare industry's favourite ingredients.

Despite modern science and the development of all types of synthetic ingredients that mimic what nature does best, there are some natural ingredients that stand the test of time. Beeswax pretty much tops the list when it comes to skincare – for an ingredient that soothes, protects and heals.
Free from toxins and gentle on skin, beeswax protects skin from the elements by forming a protective barrier that retains moisture and prevents the skin from drying out.
Beeswax even has a unique feature that attracts water molecules to the skin –what is commonly known as a humectant – so it is an ideal skincare ingredient for people with dry, sensitive skin and people living in dry or cold climates.
Despite its thick, protective qualities it won’t clog pores unlike other products with petroleum that are commonly used for dry skin conditions, nappy creams and lip balms. Beeswax is in fact ideal for use in nappy creams because of its antibacterial qualities and soothing, gentle effect on delicate skin.
The protective barrier created by beeswax on the skin also protects against environmental damage and ageing. When air pollution, smoke, chemicals and other irritants come into contact with skin, free radicals are formed, causing premature ageing and damage to your immune system. Beeswax helps prevent these pollutants from reaching your skin, helping in the fight against ageing.
The benefits of beeswax are, frankly, innumerable and the reason why Bee Loved’s skincare range is based on this magic ingredient’s calming, soothing and protective qualities.
First harvested from our hives on the shores of Galway Bay, our beeswax is produced by happy, healthy bees. When combined with our special formula of herbs and other natural ingredients, our beeswax based products have a profound healing effect on dry and problem skin conditions.
To read more about the origins and benefits of beeswax check out our website and our skincare range online.
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