Is medicine making your skin itchy?

Itchy skin is a common complaint for people with naturally dry and sensitive skin, but sometimes the side effects of some medicines can make our skin itch too.

There are many medicines that can cause itching from general over the counter pain relievers to prescription medicine given to you by your doctor.

While itchy skin can be annoying, in most cases it’s nothing to worry about and can be relieved by keeping your skin cool, avoiding hot baths and hot showers, relaxing in an oatmeal bath, and applying a soothing body lotion.

It’s important you check the label of your body wash, bath products and body lotions to make sure the ingredients don’t aggravate your itching even more. Key ingredients like sodium laureth sulfate, PPGs, PEG, petroleum jelly and artificial fragrances can dry out the skin, upset its moisture balance and even cause atopic dermatitis.

To reduce itching as much as you can, stick to body products that use natural ingredients that won’t inflame and aggravate your skin. Explore our range of natural body products at our online shop here.

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