Active Ingredient: Evening Primrose

Laden with Omega 6 fatty acids and anti-inflammatory properties,  Evening Primrose Oil is packs a powerful punch in skincare products designed for people with sensitive, dry or inflamed skin.

It creates an effective skin barrier which is useful for people with dry and problem skin and atopic dermatitis.

It is also known to prevent skin inflammation and maintain hydration by reducing moisture loss.

Evening Primrose Oil is extracted from the seeds of the yellow flower and is rich in omega-6 essential fatty acids (which is made up of 60-85% linoleic acid, 5-12% oleic acid and gamma-linoleic acid, 2-4% stearic acid and 4-10% palmitic acid). Research shows that Omega-6 essential fatty acid can help regulate prostaglandins, cytokines and leukotrienes which when triggered in the immune system can create an inflammatory response. As a result, it is an effective ingredient  in skincare for people with inflammatory skin conditions and sensitive skin.


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